Christmas Candy Canes

Here at Bloon, we are constantly thinking of ways to improve previous products that we have provided to our clients. This time we chose to take a look at the always favourite Candy Canes we sell at Christmas and turning this into a Christmas Inflatable!

With technology continuously growing you can do more with the LED inflation bases alone. Here at Bloon, we are able to supply different LED bulbs for the inflation base. These allow you to change the lights to any colour. This can either be done using a remote or by Bluetooth from your mobile phone.

To improve the manoeuvrability all our inflation bases come with a protective carry case. The Christmas Inflatable now comes in its own carry bag, making it easy for storage and to stop any potential damage in transport.

If you want to know about our products or have an idea for a bespoke inflatable contact a balloonist today.