Christmas Inflatables for Hire

Bloon have a range of inflatables to hire across the Christmas period. These inflatables are suitable for a home/business displays and indoor/outdoor events. Bloonists can be on hand to support with the installation and de-rig of the equipment at any time. Take a look below at the stock.

Mirror Balls

Bloon have a range of Mirror Balls in stock and ready to hire. Varying from 1-5m in size and in a range of colors. Most popular colors being Silver, Gold and Red. Bloon can also have these Mirror Balls produced in Green and Blue. Mirrors Balls are easy to use and can be set up within 5 minutes using an inflation fan which can be supplied on hire. Contact us here to Hire this product.

LED Crowd Balls

LED Crowd Balls are a great addition to any event. For outdoor festivals or indoor, LED crowd balls are sure to add some color. The Spheres are lit from the inside using LED’s that change color when bounced or via a set pattern. They are made from a strong PVC to endure the inevitable bouncing through large crowds of people. Sizes of these start from 1m. Contact us here to Hire this product.

Candy Canes

A great addition to any outdoor display are these 1.5m Candy Canes. These are fitted to a LED Inflation light base which has bright white LED’s fitted to make the Candy Cane glow. These LED bulbs can be changed to color changing bulbs which can be controlled by Bluetooth. Contact us here to Hire this product.

Snow Globe

Great for shopping centre or outdoor displays. This 5m Snow Globe is perfect for a photo shoot or to be used as a Santa Grotto. Using an external constant fan to keep the dome inflated and pressurized. The front entry point uses a sealed inflatable frame to keep the entry inflated and free-standing meaning you don’t need a second fan to inflate this. Because of this you do not lose pressure in the dome whilst entering or exiting the Globe. Contact us here to Hire this product.

Giant Snowman

Standing 5m tall and 4m wide arm to arm this giant Inflatable Snowman is perfect for any outdoor space at your business or home, ensuring your display can be seen from afar. This giant snowman can also be fitted with LED lighting so it can glow through the night. Contact us here to Hire this product.