Foodhub – Continued Freshers Tour

Another week of Universities Freshers Tour for our client Foodhub. Bloon have continued to support Foodhub with the transport and operation of their inflatable equipment. See below where we were and how we operated in that area and pictures of the events at the end.

Keele University

A very busy day for students and engagement with Foodhub. Bloon inflated the giant duck by the side of the Keele Chapel. Due to concerns over the building and grounds outside the chapel. Bloon used internal ballasts and tethered to the opposite on the building. Due to spacing Bloon set up the truck display only using columns and table covers to create a great display.

Staffordshire University

As the Foodhub truck had to be set up in a hall Bloon were unable to use columns and letters to advertise Foodhub. With some negation from the site management and students union we were able to inflate the giant duck outside of the hall for all student to see. Per usual it was a massive hit with the students and a lot came out from the halls just to take picture with the duck.

Liverpool M&S Arena

A great day for student engagement with over 4000 students passing through the arena! With being a high ceiling arena Bloon were able to set up the food truck with the usual columns and table cover display. Working with the hall managers and event organizers Bloon managed to persuade them into allowing us to inflate the giant duck in the corner of the hall. Doing this gave great advertising and awareness for Foodhub whilst creating a back drop for photos to be taken. Vendors and students were all amazed at the duck. Taking pictures and videos with it to be shared on social media.