Foodhub – Continued Freshers Tour

Another week of Universities Freshers for our client Foodhub. Bloon have continued to support Foodhub with the transport and operation of their inflatable equipment. See below where we were and how we operated in that area and pictures of the events at the end.

Birmingham University

As this event space was not as vast as the previous uni’s it was a bit more challenging to engage with students due to the path they had to take. With being the more challenging site Bloon had to step up the game to get these student to engage.

Even though the set up space was in a small car park, Bloon managed to inflate the giant duck, this allowed our event space to be seen for a distance and got the students and even general public questioning what it was and engaging with our stand. Bloon used backpack balloons to walk around the site and engage with students and still get them to download the app without the need of coming to the stand.

Wolverhampton City University

A great day for Foodhub with student engagement and for Bloon with being free reign with the stand set up. With some negation with the student union and grounds men Bloon were able to inflate the giant duck in the centre of the event.

Bloon used the same set up around the truck using columns and table covers to create impact and give it a more professional look.

Liverpool University

A very wet and cold day but this did not stop us and Foodhub from pushing our activation and engaging with as many students as possible.

Before the rain, Bloon set up and inflated the giant duck. As this is a cold air inflatable it is able to to be set up and used in the rain and the water is beaded off due to the fabric used and constant air circulating the inflatable. Regardless of the rain students still took pictures with the duck for their social media platforms and visited the food truck for free products.

Wolverhampton University (Walsall)

A very quite day but this did not stop us putting on a display. No matter how big or small the event is Bloon still puts in the same effort to ensure the display stand is to its best standard.