Foodhub – Freshers Tour

On the back of a bulk order from Foodhub. Bloon had been requested to transport and operate Foodhub’s inflatables across their University’s Freshers Tour.

Below is some information on each site operation and how we chose the best layout.

Lancaster University

The first stop of the freshers tour was Lancaster Central University. At these events Foodhub are using their event food station truck to exchange donuts for app downloads. Who doesn’t like free food right?

To gain awareness of the Foodhub stand, Bloon used inflatable columns at each side of the truck so it can be seen from a distance. Bloon also used the branded table cover to cover wheel arch of the truck to give it a more professional look.

With some negation Bloon were able to inflate the giant duck in the center square for all students to see. Using internal ballasts and external tether point ballasts Bloon were able to ensure this giant inflatable was anchored down.

As soon as the duck was inflated students were taking pictures and selfies to put on social media. Pedestrians walking past also stopped to take a picture of the inflatable duck as it is so unique. This just goes to show inflatables can draw attention and increase your awareness!

See pictures of the event at the end.

Salford University

The second stop of the freshers tour is at Salford University. This had a similar layout as Lancaster but with even more space for us to use. Bloon used a similar truck set up with the inflatables as Lancaster as this gave the best display and impact for their stand.

Because of the extra space Bloon used the hard floor to inflate the inflatable logo letters and use a grass pitch near by to inflate the giant duck. This was done as the letters can be weighed down with internal or external sand bags weights. Whilst the duck has tether point base and tether lines that can be pegged the grass.

Within the hour of being on site, Bloon had the stand set up and ready for Foodhub to trade.

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See a gallery of images from the events below.