Foodhub’s Duck in London Docks

Whilst producing and managing the exhibition stand for Foodhub at Takeaway & Restaurant Innovation Expo at Excel London. Bloon had another marketing trick up their sleeve to further promote Foodhub.


As Bloon had previously worked with London docks, booking in the pontoon was made easy. The logistics of this operation were nothing Bloon were not already accustomed with. Bloon has already completed projects such as The World Record Beach Ball on the Thames.

Only the early morning on the first day of exhibition. Bloon took to the London docks to set up the giant inflatable duck on the pontoon. This is so it could be inflated one it got to the Excel location. Unfortunately as it goes with inflatable work that the weather was not on Bloon’s side. With the wind speed being in excess of over 30 Knots Bloon had to make the difficult decision to not inflate the giant duck that day. Here at Bloon we will always do our best in our ability to ensure your activation goes ahead, but safety will always be our main priority.

On the second day of the event the weather looked perfect to inflate Foodhubs giant duck. Bloon contacted the docking team to give the green light on the operation. The pontoon was moved closer to the Excel. Bloon operates were on deck to re-set up and inflated the giant duck. Ensuring that all tether points were secured to the pontoon. Bloon also used internal weights to ensure that if any tether lines did break their was an alternate ballast that secured the giant duck.

Once inflated the duck was moved using a tug boat to pull it in position. With a Bloonist stood at the entrance of the Excel to advise on best viewing location, the giant duck was slowly moved to its final location for the day. Positioned between the Sunborn Hotel and Royal Victoria Dock Bridge, the giant duck could be seen perfectly from the Excel. People were taking photos from the Sunborn and Excel as soon as it was put in place.


During the ducks time in the docks, a photo of it went viral on Reddit: The duck could be seen as far as Canary Wharf with everyone wanting to know what it was and what it was there for. Doing marketing stunts like this gives a great engagement on the ground and also on social media and that all important company exposure.

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