Giant Battery Balloon Takes To The Skies

28th November 2019

One of the latest additions to the (ever-growing) fleet of balloons operated by Bloon is the giant Panasonic Battery.

Standing at some 120ft tall. This giant battery contains 105,000cu ft of air and is capable of flying pilot and 2-3 people.

It really is quite the behemoth and a site to behold when at an event.

Special shape hot air balloons are very unique, as their name might suggest. They can come in a whole host of shapes and sizes. In fact, if you have a product or mascot, our expert team can work with you to design a flying replica. Many special shaped balloons have been made over the years and they can be quite simple or very intricate. The Battery for instance is a fairly simple shape to manufacture and indeed fly but still creates quite the stir.

A special shape hot air balloon is an ideal tool to get media attention and Bloon has the operational ability to put your balloon in the right place at the right time to ensure this exposure is optimised.

On a recent outing to a major balloon event in the UK, the battery balloon managed to get several mentions from the live announcer, as well as featuring on several videos and numerous posts on social media. It was easily one of the most recognisable balloons at the event.

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