Giant Inflatable Breast!!

28th March 2017

When advertising agency Mother London wanted to challenge perceptions on breastfeeding in public, they wanted to make a BIG statement! That statement came in the form of a giant 8-meter breast.

Not only was this a big statement is was also a big challenge. With little over a week to get this huge cold air inflatable breast made and ready to go on a roof-top in Shoreditch for Mother’s day.

We worked very closely with various departments within the agency to get the shape, style, colouring and also logistics all fine-tuned in record time.

So early on Mothers day morning, the bloonists were hard at work on a rooftop in Shoreditch getting ready for the big reveal.  This involved various equipment all being lifted onto the 3 storey building opposite Shoreditch High Street station. Including over 300kg of ballast! Just another example of the lengths we go here at Bloon to make sure your campaign is a success. In fact, such a success that this piece has been covered globally!!

So if you have a campaign that may be a bit odd, don’t worry we at Bloon are sure to be abreast of the situation!