Grenade In York

Where we find windows of opportunity to fly our promoters balloons we’ll take it! As a continuation of Grenade Energies UK tour, we ventured to York for a town flight on a custom hot air balloon.

Before we took flight we contacted local new press in York and teamed up with the reporters at York Press to spread the word of our flight and promote the chance of winning prizes pre-flight. York Press also posted a post-flight article sharing images and an inflation video from one of our photographers, Charlotte Graham. A statement from the day is below.

Adam Faulkner from Bloon said: “We are flying this very special balloon all over the UK encouraging people to take photos and upload them to social media using #Grenade #YouGotThis. In return, people can win a range of Grenade goodies. 

At a very difficult time for many Grenade want to spread some positivity and a bit of fun around the UK and let everyone know that no matter how difficult things get they will get through.  The full articles are linked below: – Pre Flight – Post Flight

A gallery of images from the day is below shows the delightful custom hot air balloon for Grenade: