Guerrilla Marketing with Paddy Power

Bloon recently designed, manufactured and operated a 5m Arrow-shaped Helium Blimp for Paddy Power as a Guerrilla Marketing stunt.

The stunt took place at the Manchester City Academy Stadium whilst the Belgium vs Iceland women’s euros football match was playing. During the first half of the football match, Bloon inflated and managed the operation of the Helium Blimp which was ascended outside of the Academy Stadium to get that all-important ‘money’ shot. Bloon used its in-house photographer which was situated inside the stadium during the football match to get this photograph.

Paddy Power wanted to convey the message that women’s euros football is not being given enough opportunity to grow and using the Academy Stadium rather than the Ethihad Stadium is restricting this ability. The photograph taken was posted to Paddy Powers’ social media with this statement ‘UEFA actually picked Man City’s Academy ground for a Women’s Euros game. If only there was a stadium nearby that was used to regularly hosting 4,000 people…’.

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