Harlequins Rugby Shootout with bepoke sports inflatable

Harlequins contacted Bloon at the late end of 2021 to produce a Rugby Shootout for their foundation. The sports inflatable shootout goal has been used at numerous charity events held by Harlequins since production.

The shootout is designed to allow guests of the Harlequins events to practice their rugby throws and kicks. The back catch net has four different size holes for the guest to try and aim for, each hole has a different amount of points that can be earned per turn. Once the ball has gone into a catch net that can be easily retrieved for the next person to use.

Bloon’s inflatable Ruby shootout design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Players have a number of targets to hit, and the inflatable comes with behind-the-target netting for catching all of the balls. The shootouts are perfect for training teams and also as company events.

All our inflatables are made from durable materials and will not break with the hard use they are put to by players. All of our nets are strong, and will not break with prolonged use.

Bloon offers a variety of sports inflatables to be used at sporting events, races and training. Water buoys can also be used as both practical and effective advertising tools, as they mark the course of either a triathlon or swimming race. Custom inflatable water buoys are interactive, fun and visually impactful. One of Bloons popular products is our custom arches that can be made to fit most budgets.

Below is a link to a video of when it was most recently used.


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