Helium blimp helps Carbon Black with Guerilla Marketing

7th August 2018

The bloonists were on hand for a bit of Guerilla Marketing for our client Carbon Black.

Their rather stunning fully printed blimp was on-site at infosec at Olympia London. However, due to a paperwork issue, their agency was unable to get permission from the exhibition hall in time and so it was Bloon to the rescue with our decades of experience in running Guerilla and Stunt marketing campaigns.

Bloon utilised various loopholes to have the blimp still seen throughout the 3-day show. With the 20ft balloon being walked around the outside of the hall gathering a huge amount of interest for the client.

The end result was a massive reaction from social media and direct client engagement within the exhibition as people recognised the branding from their blimp being flown outside.

If you have an exhibition and are looking for help to get yourself noticed or if you are looking for some additional idea for unique marketing tools, then our friendly, creative account managers can chat through a whole host of ideas with you.