Hillhead Quarry Exhibition-Promotional Inflatable Accessories

With the world slowly coming back to normal, after a very different couple of years. It is great to see exhibitions coming back in full swing. There will be great demand for Promotional Inflatable Accessories.

Bloon has already attended a few small exhibitions across the UK. Showing support whether it be promoting its business or providing inflatables for clients.

The Hillhead Quarry Exhibition is set to be one of the biggest industrial exhibitions this year. Due to Covid restrictions, the exhibition hasn’t been hosted since 2018. With the exhibition being such vast size, you want to ensure your stand can be seen across the quarry site. This is why Bloon have already been working with some attendees on solutions for advertising inflatables at this show. Whether this is a helium sphere, cubes or inflatable arches Bloon has you covered.

Get in contact with a Bloonist today to discuss how you can stand out at Hillhead Quarry Exhibition with Bloon’s Promotional Inflatable Accessories.

Hillhead 2022 logo with promotional inflatable accessories