Illuminated Backpack Balloons

12th October 2018

As the nights draw in and winter approaches. Here at Bloon, we have already started looking towards solutions for our clients. We came up with Back Pack Balloons with illumination.

These creative Bloon walkers are unique to Bloon in their design. Every element has been purposely designed from the ground up. They come supplied with everything that you would need to operate them. From the moulded backplate to the internal fan and lighting system.

Our backpack balloons are great for outdoor events, town centre or shopping centre promotions. Giving our clients another option when it comes to out of home advertising! Imagine using a Backpack balloon when handing out promotional samples or fliers? Their use is virtually unlimited and our friendly team of Bloonists can help you to pick which options would be the best for you.

For more information take a look at the Bloon Walkers page or contact a Bloonist today.