Inflatable Gazebo

Branded Inflatable Gazebo For BMW Set Up In A Show Room

Inflatable Gazebo from Bloon

Bloon offers a range of inflatable gazebo’s that are a fantastic way to promote your business at any outdoor event.

Being a sealed air inflatable they require little to no power, and in many cases they can be up and inflated in less than 10 minutes! No more messing with poles and connections, or needing 2 people to open out a fold up gazebo! Our inflatables are built with an internal bladder which holds the air. A fabric outer can then be sewn over to ensure that the inflatable is protected from the elements. This design feature means your inflatable will last last. We also have an easy clean option using a heavier grade of PVC coated fabric. This is ideal for events where you are likely to get muddy.

They are also fully brandable and can be art worked as you wish. They also come in a whole host of sizes from 3×3 upto 8×8. With various options to link them together, add awnings, clear panels and so much more.

Choose from various designs

Our X tent is the most popular design, Quick and easy to install with plenty of branding options

inflatable gazebo

The V tent is a stunning show piece. Unique in its design with a large branding area


Our PRO Tent is ideal for when you need something a little larger. Available from 5x5m to 8x8m.

Branded inflatable gazebo

Inflatable gazebos easily pack up into a small bag and can be transported to any event with ease. Many people find that they can transport using little more than a small hatchback or they are light enough to be transported via most courier networks.