Inflatable Columns For Event Signage

10th October 2016

When Media Scotland Events needed an alternative solution to hanging banners they turned to Inflatable Columns.

Of course, the inflatable experts here at Bloon were able to come up with a solution enabling the organisers to use the full height of the venues and also brand the columns so that visitors could easily see where each zone was.

The 3m tall columns are built on a base of 48cm diameter which also contains the fan unit and 4 super bright LED lights. Bloon can also supply similar columns but with a 78cm diameter base.  Each of them come in their own carry bag, with a separate bag for the inflatable.

The beauty of inflatable columns from Bloon is that you can change your message or branding with ease. The inflatable section simply velcro’s on and off allowing multiple designs and even different shapes to be used. More information can be found here.

The bloonists have managed the logistics and installation of the columns at the venues in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Just another example of how easily we can manage any project regardless of location.