Inflatable planet for Hire

Here at Bloon we have a range of inflatable planets available for hire. Everything from a giant Earth to the Sun and even the Moon. All available in a whole range of sizes, with lighting options in both sealed air and constant fill options. We have the solution for your inflatable planet hire.

Questions & Answers

What sizes are available? Our inflatable planets for hire come in a range of sizes from 1m to 8m.

Which Planets are available to hire? We have a large stock of inflatable Earth’, Moon’s, and several sun inflatables to hire. If we don’t have the exact inflatable planet you would like to hire, then as the leading manufacturer of inflatable planets we can build one for your needs.

Do I need power for the inflatable planet? No. We have a range of inflatable planets which are sealed air not requiring any power supply. This is ideal for venues where power could be an issue.

Can the inflatable planet be illuminated? Yes. Almost all of our inflatable planets come with options to have internal illumination.

Can they be helium filled? Yes. We have Inflatable Sun, Inflatable Earth and Inflatable Moon’s all available to be helium filled.

Can we brand our own inflatable planet? Absolutely! We manufacture inflatable planets and inflatable moons for clients that wish to have their own logo on them. Contact us today to find out more.

For more information on our inflatable planets take a look at our dedicated page here.