Inflatable Snow Globe for Hire

Bloon loves everything more than the ordinary. So when we had a client ask us for a 5m Inflatable Snow Globe on hire, we knew we had to get it built.

This inflatable Snow Globe was used for a Luxury Clothing brand photoshoot. We can not wait for these to be published and share the results!

The Snow Globe can also be used for other displays, events and even as a Christmas Santas Grotto.

This 10m Snow Globe uses an external constant fan to keep the dome inflated and pressurised. The front entry point uses a sealed inflatable frame to keep the entry inflated and free-standing meaning you don’t need a second fan to inflate this. Because of this you do not lose pressure in the dome whilst opening the doors to get in.

If you want more information on this Snow Globe or have an idea for inflatable advertising, contact a bloonist today. Have a Merry Christmas!

Inflatable Snow Globe can be made as an attraction for kids and adults alike! It is as if Wonderland and Santa’s North Pole have come together. This is a place of wonderment where you will find everything from Christmas to the North Pole.