Inflatable Unicorns for Colour Run

28th June 2017

One of the recent test inflations carried out here at the Bloon Farm in Staffordshire was 2 giant 10ft tall unicorn inflatables for the colour run series of events.

The bespoke inflatables are being used across their events where participants are showered with coloured powder. Colour Run takes place all across the UK and so the use of inflatables is ideal as they can be huge, yet take up very little room for transportation. This is shown excellently in the fact that both these inflatables pack up into a box of 30x35x60 cm and weigh just 15kg including fans.

The fabric for the unicorns was also Pantone matched to ensure that the inflatables would tie in with the exacting branding standards of the event.

If you have an event that you would like to use inflatable branding for, take a look at our cold air inflatables or contact a Bloonist to discuss your requirements.