Jordan Promotional Hot Air Balloon Festival

Bloon had the pleasure of attending Jordan’s first-ever promotional hot air balloon festival with the Grenade hot air balloon. Jordan has always been seen as a difficult location to fly due to the hot weather and thermic winds. With the right knowledge and experience, there is always an opportunity to fly.

First Flight- Promotional Hot Air Balloon

Starting in the early AM of the first festival day. Bloon and all the other teams took to the launch field to set up for what was one of the most breathtaking flights our team has ever experienced.

Due to the warm weather, the air gets thermic very quickly in the mornings and throughout the day. This makes the balloons inoperable. Because of this we set up the balloons very early in the morning and have them inflated at Sunrise ready for take-off. This is to maximise flight time and minimalize any risk of damage to the hot air balloon.

Below is the launch video from the first day at the festival:


Desert Tether with Influencers -Promotional Hot Air Balloon

As part of Grenades activation in Jordan, Bloon took the hot air balloon to the Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel where Grenade were hosting an influencer event.

For the first time ever, Bloon inflated the only promotional hot air balloon to be tethered outside the Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel. This gave the opportunity for Grenade to get some great content for their social media. This also allowed all their influencers to have a tethered balloon ride and get content for their own pages.


Flying in the World Heritage Site – Petra

Just when we thoughts things couldn’t get any more spectacular, we heard wind that we would have the opportunity to fly over the World Heritage Site – Petra. With a lot of precise planning with the local authorities and the event organisers, this once in a lifetime opportunity was made a reality.

As always with ballooning, we set off in the early AM to the disclosed launch location. Bloon and the other balloons teams set up in a rapid fashion to not miss any flying time.


Petra Night Glow

To finish off an already unforgettable week, Bloon were given the opportunity to Night Glow in the centre of Petra town. The entire town seemed to have come out to watch the hot air balloons. We even got the opportunity to tether the Commander of Petra and his family. Opportunities like these only come once in a lifetime and the Bloon team is very grateful for this.

Below is a gallery of photos from the event: