KLM Inflatable Letters

1st November 2018

Once again the KLM inflatable letters were at the annual NBCC golf day.

KLM is the presenting partner for this event held at moor park golf club every September.

The Dutch airline makes use of their inflatable letters for a variety of promotions where their ease of use and size makes creating a big impact simple. This is the reason many companies use inflatables. You can see from the picture below how small even the biggest of inflatables packs down. Promotional inflatables are versatile and easy to use. Even easier if you use Bloon’s unique operational services.

Bloon manages all of KLM & Air France’ inflatables. These range from Inflatable buildings to promotional inflatables. Our full turnkey service makes it simple for their busy marketing department.

For more information on promotional inflatables to use for events, promotions, marketing & PR stunts contact a Bloonist today.