LIMF Helium Sphere and Balloons

25th July 2016

When Richmond Event Management contacted Bloon about something different for the Finale on the opening night of the Liverpool International Music Festival (LIMF), the creative team were able to offer a whole host of solutions. This is where Bloons creative flair and imagination come into their own.

The final conclusion was to opt for large helium spheres measuring 1.6 meters

with the words “LOVE” on them as the last song to be played was All You Need Is Love by the Beetles. With the addition of large 1-meter latex balloons in clusters at either side of the stage.

Not only did we come up with the creative idea, we designed, manufactured and managed the whole process. Taking a huge weight from the main organiser’s minds.

At a queued point in the song, the balloons were released up to measured heights, to the roar of the massive crowd at Sefton Park in the centre of Liverpool.

Both REM, Liverpool Council Events Team and The Liverpool Philharmonic were delighted with the effect and it certainly shows how inflatables can be easily incorporated into stage productions both indoors and out.