London Pride 2022

Bloon has been delighted to be the official supplier of inflatables for London Pride for another year.

After two years of the parade being on hold due to Covid-19, the yearly event was sure to come back with a vengeance. With over 1.5 million people attending this year’s all-day event. It was a massive success and seems to be growing bigger and better year on year.

Bloon operated two parade balloons at this year’s event for Preventx and the University of London. Preventx had a replica made of their sexual health clinic box to spread the awareness of checking your sexual health. The University of London had their Mortarboard parade balloon back on display. This is one of our favourite parade balloons and always grabs people’s attention.

With Bloon being the official supplier this meant that they had access to the setup areas within the road closures. This ensures a quick and easy installation process for our clients. Many of whom could collect their balloons at the start of the holding area. Bloon brings its in-house photographer to all major events. This is to ensure we get great content of your inflatable being operated. All images are shared back with the client after the event and are free of charge.

Bloon is already looking forward to Pride 2023 and putting plans in place. If you have a concept for a parade balloon contact a Bloonist today for a chat through the possibilities.