London Pride 2023

Another year for Bloon at London Pride and this was one of the best yet! Being the main provider of inflatables and advertising products was no easy task but the Bloon team smashed it out of the park once again.

Bloon provided Start and Finish Inflatable Columns for the main Parade route. These Inflatable Columns were 5m tall and fully branded with the Pride design and sponsor logos. The Columns are sealed air inflatables so there is no need for a constant power supply. The main inflatable is a TPU inner with an outer skin meaning they are very robust. With the outer skin, this means the Columns have interchangeable branding options, all you need to do is produce a new outer skin and Bloon will fit this for you. Bloon provided multiple 3m Heart Shaped Balloons for the main sponsors of the event which included branding from companies like Asos and Skyscanner.

Along with the sponsor inflatables, Bloon provided inflatables and advertising to multiple other companies. From Spheres, Hearts, Cubes, and Backpack Spheres and Cubes. Bloon provided all types of inflatables to various clients. Brands including ITV, VISA, IHG Resorts, LMVH, and DS Smith, all took part in the parade with multiple types of inflatables. See the gallery at the end of the page for photos of these inflatables.

In total Bloon produced and operated over 25 inflatables that were included in the Pride Parade. Along with the generic shaped inflatables Bloon produces and operations Giant Parade Inflatables. The largest is the University of London’s Mortarboard Inflatable which has become an asset of the Parade getting huge amounts of attention every year. This inflatable is the biggest inflatable that is used in the Parade and has been operated by Bloon for over 3 years. It is one of our favorite inflatables and has a very unique design. Along with the huge Mortarboard, Bloon produced and operates the City of London Corporation, Preventx Box inflatable which has been in the Parade for the last 2 years.

If your company needs an inflatable for a Parade or Marketing Event, Contact a Bloonist today.