Manchester Pride 2023

Bloon was delighted to be the only supplier and operator of inflatable Parade Balloons at Manchester Pride 2023. Manchester Pride is regarded as one of the most popular Pride events along with London and Brighton. Bloon has supported all of these events with multiple inflatables in all shapes and sizes. Manchester Pride parade took place on the 26th August. With over 170,000 public attending every year and the number keeps growing!

Bloon attended the Parade with two of their clients. The first being ITV and their 2m Cube. The Inflatable Cube was operated and walked through the parade route by member of Bloon’s team. Whilst having the inflatable Cube operated, ITV also had cast members of Coronation Street walking in the Parade. Doing fly by meet and greets with guests attending the event.

The second client Bloon supported was Squealing Pig Wines and their enormous Flying Pig. This was first operated at Brighton Pride and stole the show. Due to the success of their giant inflatable in Brighton, Squealing Pig wanted to promote their brand and have the giant pig flying through the streets of Manchester. Due to the sheer size of the Pig, their were some concerns the Inflatable Pig would not actually fit around some streets and under tram lines. After some negation with the Parade Management and precise planning. The Pig was allowed into the Parade route and made it through without a squeal.

Bloon looks after the logistics of operating the inflatables, all your team needs to do is give us a Parade location and times and we look after the rest. With multiple years of operating giant Parade Balloons and working relations with many Pride events around the UK, we are the go to supplier and operator.

Contact Bloon today for quotes of your own Parade Inflatable and operation at Pride event.