MFest Tethered Flight and Night Glow

4th August 2017

What a weekend! We had the opportunity and was invited to do a tethered flight and night glow at the Free Masons 300th anniversary celebrations, a festival they held called Mfest. The event was being held at Weston Park on the grounds, there was a stage for music, a funfair, food and drink and even a civil war reenactment and classic car show.

The weather was against of, though it was beautiful and sunny, the wind was an issue throughout the afternoon, the organizers decided early afternoon that a night glow may not happen and we may have to settle with just a basket glow

The evening drew near and the sun started to set, the wind dropped, the organizers agreed, we would be allowed to inflate the balloons and do a proper night glow. We prepared the balloons for the evening’s festivity. We were part of the grand finale of the festival, the balloons would glow to music and shortly after a massive firework display.

As night fell the balloons started to inflate, and the crowd’s attention started to come onto us, our time was drawing near. The balloons started to raise from the ground, the music started to play, the night glow was about to happen.

The music for the glow started, the balloon was part of a lineup of 6 balloons, that would all burn to illuminate the balloons to the music, which made for quite the spectacle. The wind did pick up again towards the end of the glow, but we did have a successful event overall. The balloons came down and quickly got packed away before the fireworks started.

If you have an event and would like to have Hot Air Balloons attend, speak to Bloon today. We are able to arrange anything from a single balloon tether to a whole weekend of ballooning.