Microchip Inflatable Character for GEN3

GEN3 Systems recently contacted Bloon with the idea of recreating one of their products into an inflatable character to be a mascot for the company. The inflatable character is to be used across numerous events and exhibitions around the UK and Europe.

The inflatable character stands 2m tall and is produced using an inner TPU bladder and outer branded skin. Because of this, Bloon were able to produce the inflatable as sealed air inflatable. Making it easier for transporting and operating when at venues and power is limited. Due to being double layered the inflatable is much more robust than a standard PVC inflatable, and can be repaired much easier if damaged.

Bloon is able to take any product and turn it into an inflatable. We look at how and where the inflatable will be used and give you the best working options.

If you have an inflatable idea, Contact Bloon with your brief today.