Ms Amlin Exhibition Balloon

Bloon was recently contacted by Image-Displays, to help with the design and production of party shaped style exhibition balloon. The balloon is to go above Ms Amlin stand at the Manchester Central Convection Complex for BIBA 2023 and be will be part of the travelling kit.

The inflatable balloon is fitted with an internal fan constant air fan and lighting. This is so the balloon can be rigged to truss and powered using connections above the stand to all the wires are contained out they way. The balloon is controlled by a remote switch that controls the power to the fan and lighting so both can be turned off at the end of the event day. Bloon also fitted extra bright lighting to ensure its stands out even in mostly lit areas.

With only being two inflatables products at BIBA 2023, this balloon was sure to turn heads! Inflatables are a great way of standing out from the crowd, with most the cost being your initial investment. The more times you use the inflatable the less it actually costs. Also with inflatables you are not limited on your design, with being able to produce custom shapes, full branding print and options to suit your stand with being a helium or sealed air inflatable.

Contact us today for costs to have an exhibition balloon for your stand.