Naked Solar – Sun Replica

Naked Solar contacted Bloon, wanting to make the their main store a bit more exciting. What best way to do that than have a giant inflatable sun replica in the entrance! The inflatable sun replica is 3m in size and has internal lighting fitted so on them darker days it can light up the room. Of course this will be powered by solar!

Here is some information on who Naked Solar are ‘We’ve been installing solar PV systems since 2010 and always focused on improving the quality of our service from first call to install.  Our aim is to provide a fully informed choice, which involved hard work to ensure we’re up to date with all the products in our new and growing industry.’

Bloon holds multiple inflatable replicas in stock for any occasion. The most popular of these are the Sun and Moon inflatables which all come with internal lighting fitted stock from our production. All inflatables are able to be custom produced, and have a quick turn around time. All inflatables are able to be purchased or hired. Before shipping Bloon ensure all inflatables have the correct equipment needed to operate.

Contact Bloon today for inflatable replicas for purchase or on hire.