Nike 50th Anniversary Spheres

Bloon recently worked with Nike to promote their new running club app and celebrate its 50th Anniversary. We created a Nike spheres helium balloon.

Every Monday Nike hosts a running club at the Duke of York Square running track. All guests have to pre-sign up for the event which runs for 2 hours, during this the guests have the opportunity to win new Nike activewear and train with athletes.

To promote the running club event Nike contacted Bloon to have four helium spheres produced. These spheres were 2.5m and Pantone colour matched for Nike’s branding.

As Nike is very big on sustainability a big part of the project was the products were not wasted and went on the be recycled. Bloon works with a lot of different recycling companies across the UK. The chosen company Nike to use is wyattandjack, they turn old inflatables into clothing and bags.

NIKE, Inc. has always been at the forefront of innovation. In 50 years, they created sneakers with reinforced rubber soles and air bubbles in the midsole to protect athlete’s feet while running. Recently, they have released an ad that celebrates their 50th anniversary while thirsting for what the future holds.

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