Nottingham Pride with PWC

21st November 2019

Once again this summer we were asked by PWC to operate their Pride Balloons. This time at Nottingham Pride.

Bloon is delighted to be the official supplier of parade balloons for Pride. Being the only official supplier for balloons and inflatables at Pride events means we have access to the parade routes for installations and operations. Meaning a seamless hassle-free day for our clients.

Pride is a great way to promote any brand and here at Bloon we can help with parade balloons, branded promotional balloons, costumes and event parade floats. All whilst supporting the fantastic charities associated with Pride.

Here at Bloon, we have been the industry leaders in the Parade Balloon operation for many years. Supplying more clients and more parades year on year. With a 100% track record in safety and delivery.

If you are attending a parade, be it for Pride or anything else and want a giant parade balloon, then take a look at our page for parade balloons and contact a Bloonist to discuss the options.