Office Love with Northspring Leeds’ Inflatable Heart

With the pandemic taking a hit on all office spaces and a lot of companies having to work from home, there has been a loss of love with office spaces and many companies are not returning back and continuing to work from home. Bloon recently worked with Northspring in Leeds to try and bring back some of that love with an Inflatable Heart.

On Valentine’s day, Bloon took the roof of Northspring Leeds and set up a 6M inflatable for the entire high street to see.

This giant inflatable heart stayed inflated for the following week for all of Leeds residents to see. It was also fitted with internal lighting to make sure it still stood out in the sundown.

The inflatable heart was only used on hire so it is available for any campaign you would like to achieve.

If you want to try and bring some love to your business contact a Bloonist today.