Olsen Actuators Exhibition Sphere

Bloon has had the pleasure of working with Olsen Actuators to design and and produce a 2m Exhibition Sphere for their new exhibition stand.

Olsen’s new stand is apart of their travelling kit going to multiple aviation and automotive shows across the UK advertising their range of products. When working together, Bloon and Olsen knew they needed something out of this world to drive attention to their stand in these competitive environments.

After a few different designs, Olsen decided on a 2m Branded Moon. These Inflatable Planets are sure to grab attention with its realistic detail and bright internal lighting. Ensuring the stand is seen from all areas of the venue, driving attendants over.

The new branded Inflatable Moon grabbed a lot of attention at their last show at Farnborough Exhibition Centre. A venue not known for having many if not any helium inflatables at all. The team at Bloon worked closely with the venue, ensuring all areas were covered for when installing the sphere. Here at Bloon, we always ensures health and safety is the priority with all our installations.

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