Pokemon Go Festival 2023

After a very success pre event at Potters Field park in London, Bloon had been requested to take the 3m Sphere to Brockwell Park to be apart of the main Pokemon Go Festival.

The Pokemon Go Festival lasted for 3 days over a long weekend. Encouraging people from all over the UK and the world to come together to play the very popular mobile game in a setting designed to support players. Throughout the park, Pokemon had multiple trainer areas where guests could come together to take part in live events. The Pokemon event was not just contained to the park and encouraged guests to take to the big city in order of finding legendary Pokemon as part of the event weekend.

On the first two days the Inflatable Sphere was positioned at the main entrance of the park within the Hot Air Balloon arena. This made for a perfect location for the sphere. When people were entering the festival site, the sphere was on the main route and was used as an inflatable back drop. When the wind conditions were low, the balloon was put on a long tether so it could be seen across the park.

On the last day the Inflatable Sphere was moved to the rear entrance of the park closer to the main exiting area, this allowed guest that used other entrances into the park to see the sphere and use this as a final photo location. Due to the weather conditions on the day the sphere was grounded, this made it ideal for all guests to take photos with the sphere.

Bloon can provide multiple options for inflatables for indoor or outdoor, send your creative brief to one of our Bloonists.