Pokemon Go – Potters Field Park

Bloon recently had the honor of working the Pokemon Go at their pre-event for the Pokemon Go Festival in Central London. Bloon produced a 3m Sphere with Pokemon Go branding on each side, that was tethered over the duration of the day whilst multiple activities took place.

The pre-event took place at Potterfield Park in London which is an iconic site-seeing location in the city. Located next to London Bridge this is a perfect backdrop for the pre-event and saw a huge number of public pass through the event.

Using a 3m Sphere made a great backdrop for guests of the events and even the general public to use for photos to be shared on social media. Whilst the sphere was secured in its position, Bloon supported the tethered operation of the Pokemon Go Hot Air Balloon. This hot air balloon was tethered in the morning and evening whilst the conditions were stable enough. The hot air balloon and inflatable were used at the end of the day for a group photo of all the guests that attended the Pokemon Go Festival pre-event.

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