Preventx Parade Balloon at City of London Gallery

After being a massive success at Pride, Preventx contact Bloon to have their parade balloon operated for an international conference at the City of London Gallery.

Bloon set up in the parade balloon in the gallery square using cold air pumps as the inflatable was only being set up as a display piece so the client had decided not to have it helium filled. All helium inflatables can also be used as sealed air inflatables.

Once inflated the parade balloon gained a lot of attention from general public and staff at the City of London. The inflatable looked fantastic in the square with the gallery being the back ground. During the afternoon all the attendants came down from the conference to take a picture with the inflatable for their social media.

After operating the balloon we got this comment from the team at Preventx, “I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming and putting up the blimp so early this morning. It looked magnificent! We got some lovely photos of the delegates standing in front of it.”

If you have an idea for a parade balloon or need stress free inflatable operation, contact Bloon today.