RAF Advertising Blimp

29th September 2016

When the Royal Air Force needed an advertising blimp as a site marker. The obvious choice was the UK’s leading inflatable and aerial marketing agency.

The bloonists visited the site in London to discuss the various options and requirements for the blimp which is to be part of their fantastic WW2 exhibition.

Several designs were done and the team at the RAF Museum selected the most eye-catching advertising blimp so that it would stand out ensuring it grabbed attention. The result is the rather stunning yellow and black advertising blimp you can see below.

The Bloonists will be installing this blimp on the site soon and we will post more images as soon as we have done so.

September has been a bumper month for helium advertising blimps with 3 brand new Icarus blimps being delivered to clients all over the country. Can Bloon help your brand with a stunning advertising inflatable?