Riko Helium Blimp

15th September 2016

When grass machinery experts RIKO wanted a helium inflatable to launch their new product at APF 2016, they tried several companies with their first thought of a helium-filled sphere. This was based on their experience of having seen spheres at various events.

During a phone call to Bloon, it was discovered that most of their shows are outdoors and that the product that they wanted to advertise on the sphere was one of many!

With many years of experience in the world of inflatable and aerial marketing, the Bloonists soon came to the solution that a branded blimp with detachable flags under the blimp would be the best option. This gives the versatility that the blimp can be used for many shows, and just simply advertise any of their products on a banner suspended under the blimp.

RIKO were so delighted with our ideas and solutions against other suppliers and immediate order was placed.

Their rather stunning helium blimp was installed on the 14th of September at Ragley Hall for the APF 2016 show.

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