Sign & Digital Inflatable Signage

Bloon has recently worked with the display team at the Sign & Digital UK exhibition. We thought this would be a great opportunity to attend an exhibition whilst showing off some of our inflatable products and supporting the organisers.

Here at Bloon, we are always working to improve our inflatables. The columns and spheres made for Sign & Digital show off some of the new features and designs we are using on our inflatable products.

The newly designed columns come as an all-in-one carry and inflation bag. Simply unzip the top of the carry bag, inflate using to blower provided and it is ready to use in seconds. The carry case already has a weight in the bottom making it very stable. More weight can be added to this base if needed as well as anchor points.

Our spheres have had a new improved zip/velcro cover for the helium sleeve. This allows the sphere to be either a sealed cold air or helium inflatable without having to make any structural changes. Bloon has also added a side zip to the sphere making it easy to deflate and access any internal lighting.

All of our inflatables use the same technology of an inner TPU bladder with an outer Nylon skin. This makes all of our products easy to repair, clean and rebrand.

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