Sky High 2021 V1 – Isle of Wight

We did it again! Even with Covid still being prevalent, we continued with our trailed methods of running a balloon event. This means reduced event site capacity, social distancing plots and all the balloon teams being Covid checked before the event, with all this in place we managed to run one of the best Sky High events yet.

Well, where to start… The weather for the event was phenomenal, the most flying slots we have had at any of our events, we wanted to put on a show for the local residents of the island and that is what we did. Every morning and evening slot we had balloons flying, we had constant tethering of the balloons throughout the day for guests at the park to enjoy when the weather was not flyable and in the evening we lighted up the park with our fantastic night glows. With the weather being so nice we took the opportunity to tether some of our special shapes this included the massive Panasonic Battery and Grenade, always a head turner and gets the crowd interested.

Over the years we have happily welcomed more and more model balloons into the event and the crowd love them! The interaction you can get with the pilots whilst operating is very informative to all the guests at the park and we are able to get them more involved. We also do meet and greets with the pilots every day to allow the public to get pictures with the balloon baskets and ask questions about how it all works, if the pilot is feeling nice they even let you have a play with the burners!

It’s safe to say the event was a massive success, the park sold out on two of its main days for our event and we have major newspapers pick up on the event. These newspapers include the likes of The Island Echo, Country Press, The Times and The Daily Telegraph. We leaked we are coming back to the event again in August as it was so successful and this is what one of the newspaper articles had to say “From 20th-22nd August, Robin Hill will see magnificent hot air balloons fill the skies once more. After a record-breaking first instalment in May, Sky High Night Glow will return daily from 17:00-22:00 with spectacular Night Glow displays every evening” Until August!

Below is an after video made by the park Robin Hill:

A gallery of photos from the event is also below: