Sky High 2021 V2 – Isle of Wight

As promised we brought the event back for the second time in one year!

Our every growing event Sky High on the Isle of Wight was again a massive success when we did this again in August. As ourselves and the team at Robin Hill Park believed we should give something back to the people and host the event for a second time for those who were not able to attend the first time and for something to look forward to after the challenging last couple of years.

The event went as well as ever, we had a sold out park on both of the main nights which is still always very impressive to ourselves and the team at Robin Hill Park. The weather was not so on our side this time with only being able to achieve one flying window on the Saturday morning (21st August). On this morning we had (insert number) balloons fly across Newport town, it is always a lovely site to see and the locals love the hot air balloons.

On the evenings we were able to achieve Night Glows every night of the event! This was great to achieve after not being able to fly in most of the windows. When we do not get to fly we always ensure that we tether our wide selections of balloons for guests to see. Throughout the day we also do meet the pilot sessions for the guests of the part to be able to speak to the pilots, learn more about the balloons and even have a play with the burners! The Isle of Wight is always a difficult place to fly as even if the wind is your side the wind direction can not be and with only being a small island it is definitely not something the pilots want too overshoot! Below is another after video of our event in August, thanks to Robin Hill Park for putting this together.

Below is also a gallery of photos from the event. If you have any of your own be sure to tag either #robinhillpark, #Skyhigh or #bloonuk on social media so we can see them.