SkyHigh 2020 Isle Of Wight

Another year and another SkyHigh event, despite the challenges with Corona Virus and new social distancing laws we made the event safe and achievable.

The beginning of SkyHigh did not look promising, with new laws coming into place for public events and distancing laws the event did not look achievable. With a lot of accurate planning and working with Robin Hill park we made it happen. This was done through a reduced public capacity in the park and when the events took place the seating field had been cleverly mowed to show social distanced seating areas and was monitored by the park team. Social distancing was also a big issue when it came to pilot socialising and camping. We achieved this by having an open tepee social hub for the pilots to use and all facilities had been assigned to teams to ensure distances law were met.

With the weather always being a difficulty in the ballooning world is no wonder it came as a challenge over the event weekend. Thursday was a spectacularly warm and calm day being perfect weather for ballooning, with this we tethered several balloons to show and even had one fly out the park! With the park reaching capacity on its first day we knew we needed to put on a show in the evening!

We cannot wait to do this again next year!