Somerset Cricket Foundation Inflatables

Bloon were recently contacted by Somerset Cricket Foundation to produce a range of products that could be used to support the training of their cricket club.

The inflatables needed to be able to be used indoor and outdoor. With also being lightweight enough for one person to pack down to be able to be store and transport. The full set up time with these inflatables is around 15 minutes and can be done with one person. This is the same for when taking it down, with multiple zips around the main air tunnels. Once the zips are opened the air can easily escape allowing the inflatable to be packed down quickly.

One of the options Bloon provided, was a cricket style shootout. This is similar to the Rugby shootout Bloon produced for Harlequins Foundation. With holes cut in the back wall, the batter or pitcher can score points per sized hole. Behind the back wall is a catching net so the cricket balloons can be collected easily.

The second inflatable that Somerset Cricket Foundation had produced was a tunnel run. This helps with practicing bowling in a secure location. The side and rear netting ensuring the ball will not be able to escape.

With over 20 years of experience in the inflatable industry, Bloon can recommenced inflatables for any creative brief. With no limitations to your imagination and unrivaled support, Bloon are the go to for any inflatable products.

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