Tethering for Amington Heath

We recently tethered at Amington Heath Primary School as part of the school’s new logo launch. They wanted to get their pupils a close-up experience with a hot air balloon hire, talk about how it works and allow the children to ask questions.

The day started by cold inflating our house demonstration Bloon balloon and allowing all the pupils to walk inside and look around whilst the teachers got some content for their social media pages. Once all this was done we put some heat in the balloon and got it stood up to be able to show the kids how the burners work and how the heat makes the balloon rise. After a demonstration of this, we took the balloon down and did a question time with all the pupils.

All in all, it was a great day of learning and fun. We think the teachers enjoyed it more than the pupils!

If you want to hire a hot air balloon for your school or for a demonstration contact a bloonist today.