The Inflatable Boobs Are Back

7th February 2018

Bloon were delighted to help Mother London celebrate their 21st Birthday at a fantastic exhibition of their not for profit work called “Not For Sale”.

The brief was to have the giant breast on display for visitors, however, the main issue was that the room needed to be silent. Considering the inflatable is a massive 8meters wide and 6m high it uses a large fan to maintain its pressure. This represented an engineering challenge for the specialist team here at Bloon.

Our solution was to construct a giant replica of the boob, however as a sealed air inflatable.  The huge structure was laid out inside the inflatable boob and then itself inflated before the main fans switched off.

The end result was great and the inflatable remained at full operating pressure comfortably for 2 days during the exhibition.

Needless to say, once again the inflatable raised quite a few eyebrows and highlighted the #freethefeed campaign.

This was due to be the last outing for this rather unique inflatable, however, there are now plans for the boob to go on tour….

If you have a campaign that you would like to raise awareness of taking a look at our cold air inflatables pages or speak to a bloonist about our creative solutions.