Unbranded Hot Air Balloon Gets Its Inspection

13th September 2016

The special unbranded hot air balloon from Bloon, had its annual inspection last week with our friends at Lindstrand Technologies. The balloon was thoroughly inspected panel by panel to ensure that it was safe to operate in the skies.

This annual inspection of the hot air balloon,  also covers the burners, basket, and fuel systems of the balloon. After all, safety is our number 1 concern when operating hot air balloons.

Bloon being the UK’s leading inflatable and aerial marketing agency take all of the responsibility for ensuring these test and procedures are followed. Allowing you to enjoy all the wonderful benefits of using hot air balloons as an advertising tool.

If you have a balloon that you would like to have operated or if you are considering using hot air balloon advertising within your marketing, then contact Bloon today for a confidential chat.