VERY, big helium heart balloon

2nd December 2016

We were tasked with providing 2 large helium-filled heart balloons, 800 Helium filled latex heart balloons, in pink, with LED lights inside… Oh, and in less than a week it is a good job we relish a challenge here at Bloon. Being the UK’s leading supplier of all things inflatable means we have the experience, knowledge and supply chain to enable such tall orders.

The stunning helium hearts containing LED lights are operated by a battery that lasts around 6 hours and has several settings for flash, strobe, flicker and constant glow. All of which is controlled by remote control from the ground. The 800+ Latex balloons were also fitted with LED lights so that they would glow.

The whole reason for this was to launch Christmas for home shopping retailers VERY. The event was held on the Southbank in London.

Our team were on hand to help with the filling of all of the balloons and logistics, as always this is part of the unique service here at Bloon.

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