West Ham Bloon Banners

Bloon recently worked with West Ham Football Club to celebrate the leaving of Mark Noble, the former club captain.

West Ham contacted Bloon with the idea of using Bloon Banners during the halftime and end show, as a tribute and surprise for Mark Noble and the fans. As Bloon has previously produced and operated many of these hanging banners, it was a breeze to design and build these with a short lead time.

As Bloon like to be creative and go against the ordinary, we decided to use multiple helium balloons instead of the traditional PVC tube to suspend the banner. This gave the Bloon Banners are more celebratory look, and added a lot more impact to the display.

Feedback from football fans at the stadium and watching from home was that the banners looked amazing and really added to the end show.

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Below is an after video from the football match with the tribute to Mark Noble with the Bloon Banners on display.