Wilton Bradleys Raise Their Profile With Helium Spheres

11th January 2017

Just before Christmas Wilton Bradley – The UK distributors for such products as Lay-z-spa and Bestway leisure products, Needed to place an order for 2 helium spheres.

Of course over Christmas, many suppliers were unable to supply these in time, as they were required for the 11th January 2017! With Bloon’s unrivalled manufacturing ability we were able to get the artwork and design ready just before the Christmas break, Then get the balloons produced in record time to meet the client deadline.

Working with the client we came up with a design that wasn’t too plain. Offering a truly eye-catching solution for their exhibitions across 2017.

The 2 helium spheres measure 2m in diameter which is a standard size for Bloon. They consume just 1 L size bottle of helium making them very economical as an exhibition solution.

If you have an exhibition or show coming up contact Bloon today and discuss your requirements. We can then come up with a range of promotional advertising inflatable solutions to help you stand out and get the most from your exhibition.