Zero Deposit Reaches New Heights With Exhibition Spheres

25th April 2018

When at an exhibition it can be hard to make sure that you get noticed. This was a concern for Start-up Zero Deposit when exhibiting in eXcel in London. Of course with a branded Helium Exhibition Sphere this problem was solved easily and on budget.

A helium exhibition balloon from Bloon, is the ideal way to get your brand noticed at any kind of exhibition be it indoors or out.

There is a difference in the balloons that you would use for indoors and outdoors and we can help with advice and guidance on what would be the best option for you.

Our standard indoor exhibition balloon is 2 meters in diameter and offers full printing, tether harness, tether line and sandbag weight all as standard. Fixed with carabiners of 250kg breaking strength. Where as our outdoor balloons start from 2.5m and even stronger equipment to cope with the forces that mother nature should throw at your balloon.

Exhibition Spheres and Balloons also come with the option of lighting, if required. This is great for many outdoor shows or concerts where the balloon may be in low light areas of somewhere in night.

Bloon install and manage hundred of exhibiton balloons and spheres every year and have indepth knowledge of almost all exhibition venues accross the UK and many in europe.

If you have an exhibition and really want to make an impact on a budget, then talk to a Bloonist today.